Saturday, August 29, 2009

SIC Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race. ( set 3 )

_MG_8143  _MG_8124

_MG_8130 a random shot of a porsche going by._MG_8134




_MG_8182 a lotus that was eliminated i guess :)_MG_8184



 _MG_8204  _MG_8205



_MG_8212  _MG_8219  _MG_8224  _MG_8238  _MG_8242  _MG_8247






_MG_8305 stupid guy standing there and that umbrella sigh, or else it would be a good shot. :(_MG_8308



_MG_8345  _MG_8382  _MG_8350






The last picture for tonight. Hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures, sorry for some shots havin the fence/people in the way. :) More to come soon ! A teaser for the night shots here :)


Look at the red hot brakes ! :D

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My first nokia :D

Here is a post for my first nokia handphone.. featuring the Nokia E75 !




Unboxed it and really enjoyed how the phone feels, the FULL QWERTY keyboard is just splendid when surfing the web or just texting my friends :D really smooth and the feel of the keys are not too soft and not noisy at all.. The normal keypad ? no complaints about it though its prone to finger prints , must always keep a cloth with you to clean it :D




With a stainless steel cover it stands out from other Nokia phones :) with the 3.2MP AF camera a good substitute for a compact PnS camera.. picture quality overall is acceptable.. DPP_7584






Full QWERTY.. feels really good though it would be much better if the phone was thicker easier to hold while using the QWERTY.. no more complaints all i have to say to is Nokia
"Great job on the E75 ! “




easy access for the microSD and a 3.5mm audio jack. Sound quality is good, not as good as the 5800XM but as far as i know better than most of the E Series. :) Thanks a lot Jia Linq ! :D love you :)

beautiful phone ;) plan to get it ? contact me im selling it too :) AP or Original Sets ? i have both :D just drop me an email :)


E75 ROCKS!!!