Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween !

Happy Halloween everybody ! If you are still home right now , go get yourself dress to your favorite bedtime monsters and freak people out !! Have fun to the who are at  AAR now, wish i was there..



IMG_1741i LOL halloween theme

Tan Cher Haow and Tan Choon Hon’s 17 Birthday !

DPP_11836  DPP_11841

I wonder why the heck i went to school, they didn’t even do a single thing =.= was so boring.. this will be the last time i would ever get chased by a teacher =.= me and my friends were spotted chilling at the field when we were suppose to be in class, when there is no teacher class so we went out la =.= sittin there takin pics and listenin to music suddenly we heard a woman shout “ Oi boy and girl what you doing there !!! “ =.= then we syok sendiri la ran as if she could actually chase us in her heels, Pn Zuraidah is a pure bitch now ! She used to be nice ever since she took over Pn Chan’s job she changed !! 

DPP_11851  DPP_11855

DPP_11868 Aik Lynn selling sweets for Prom :D DPP_11869  DPP_11870


Left school with Choon hon and Cher haow, since his mom drop them off to get their forecast result i quickly change my clothes and get out of school with them :D DPP_11884 Cher Haow -  Tan  Ying – Lynnette – Yee Hua – Choon Hon DPP_11896 Cool T eh ? Hariz told you to turn off my flash =.= now i can see my DPP_11899 Went to OSC with the guys DPP_11901  DPP_11903

Went to Friday’s for lunch, here’s Cher haow and brendon :) The present me and brendon bought him hope you like it bro :DDPP_11918  DPP_11919

DPP_11920  DPP_11921

DPP_11923  DPP_11925


DPP_11936  DPP_11942

DPP_11944  DPP_11949  DPP_11947  DPP_11951  Smokin’ Celery !DPP_11952

DPP_11954  DPP_11956  DPP_11958  DPP_11960 DPP_11968    DPP_11971  DPP_11964



Standing on the chair while the Friday’s Crew force them to give a speech and a song ! DPP_11997  DPP_12000

DPP_12007 Blow the candle from where you are !!!DPP_12008  DPP_12011  DPP_12013


Hope you guys had fun :D Happy birthday TCH and TCH ! LOL

Anyways drop baby home after this and went to Bintang Maju @ Curve to try come lenses.

135mm Soft Focus.DPP_12028 DPP_12030  DPP_12029

Mode 0 , 1 , 2 :) so nice !

100mm Macro !DPP_12031 not much to wow about just amazed by the clarity !

That’s it time to study now !

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Graduation 2009 !

DPP_11635 Everybody is all dressed up and ready for Graduation aren’t they? High heels, dresses , slacks , ties ? We all looked like working people going to work =.= Can’t believe we are finishing secondary school already.. 5 years fly by so fast, 5 years of memories.. Everybody just wants to grow up but they dont wanna part with their school life since its the most enjoyable isn’t it? DPP_11690 my baby all dressed up :D DPP_11691 wong joee.DPP_11692 matthew.DPP_11693 derek.DPP_11694 hwen cheng.DPP_11695 jeremy.DPP_11696 wei quan.DPP_11697 arifin.DPP_11698 yih ling.DPP_11699 DPP_11704   DPP_11706 “Calvin” , “Gary” , “Jason” (inside joke)DPP_11709 joey,joee,natasha.DPP_11710 mervin and his friend. DPP_11711 baby and I. :DDPP_11716 brendon and his friend.DPP_11718 wai leong.DPP_11721 jo wein and tucky.DPP_11723 baby’s hot legs and super high heels o.ODPP_11724  joee and keam sunn.DPP_11728 LOL !DPP_11729 kun quan.DPP_11730 everybody getting ready , the girls helping the guys :DDPP_11732 baby helping me : DDPP_11735brendon and me :DDPP_11739 chen and eugene.DPP_11741 baby.


In the Hall !

Wearing a long sleeve , a pair of slacks , a tie , and leather shoes is not an easy ordeal =.= so freaking warm in it !!! Wish the school hall had air con or maybe more fans..

DPP_11742 DPP_11752  DPP_11750 the guys with my portable fan xDDPP_11769 thanks brendon for takin..DPP_11773 Graduation Song by Vitamin C everybody throwing their hats :D

DPP_11783 Zen, Jia Linq , Hazel.

DPP_11785 Jia Linq and Yih Ling.DPP_11787  Jia linq, yih ling ,judy, debra.DPP_11792 debra and I. DPP_11796 joee,aik lynn,yih ling,jia inq.DPP_11797 yi may’s 50D on yoke yeong.DPP_11799  DPP_11800

DPP_11801yi may, nicholas, derek  DPP_11802 derek , horng qing, su zenDPP_11804 jia linq and chia shoonDPP_11812  DPP_11811


DPP_11818  pauline and kun quan.DPP_11816    DPP_11817  DPP_11821

DPP_11826  DPP_11830


that’s it :D sorry if i took your picture but it ain’t here too many pictures already :D