Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 !

How did i spend Earth Hour 2010 ? I spent it organizing the Battle of the Bands with the Leo Club of Tropicana Tree-nity ! :) This blog post will consists of very few words and lots of pictures ;D


DPP_3101 DPP_3102Our sound system :) D.A.S line array !DPP_3103

DPP_3106 DPP_3108  DPP_3117  DPP_3113


Thank god , the sky didn’t fall on us ! :D


DPP_3124  DPP_3123


DPP_3138From the crowds point of view :DPP_3150Our judges , Reymee from Inneundo and Neil  DPP_3184.JPG-copy DPP_3184Republic Bar :D

That’s about it ! :) Thanks to everybody who came and show support and making this event a successful one ! Thanks to the OPs that came and featured the event on their blogs :) Thanks to the Leos & Lions that helped us out :)

All pictures taken by Canon Powershot G11

Sorry if i left out pictures of the bands performing as part of the organizing committee didn’t have the time to photograph them =(

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 ! Battle of the Bands

To all of you that went for those concerts and " I wish i was that photographer in the front of the stage " here is your chance to be in that position !

This Saturday there will be a Battle of the Bands @ Sunway Pyramid Orange Entrance ( beside republic bar ) in conjunction with Earth Hour 2010 , a good photo opportunity to get up close and personal with " An Honest Mistake " or just have a try at shooting band performances

From 8.30 p.m till 9.30 p.m Sunway Pyramid will turned off all it's exterior lights except the Lion eyes , will be a real nice time to take a picture ! :D

To those who are keen and think they are worth please provide the following to my e-mail

Name :
Phone No. :
E-mail :
Blog/Flickr URL :

My team will choose the best and will e-mail you on how to get your pass on the day : )

All we hope for is that you could help advertise our event on your blog by writing a pre & post - event blog entry ! :)

Here is our FB Event page , take a look and you could always copy the following and put it in your blog post ! :D

Click Me ! FB Event Page

Here is my contact ,

Eric Goh - , 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy 28 Months Anniversary

Yesterday marked the 28th month being together with you dear : )  Time really flies , it feels like it was just yesterday we were seeing each other in school now we are already starting to go into college.. Great times with you my dear : ) Thanks for always being there for me & I love you : )

Went to Secret Recipe @ One Utama for cake & tea !


DPP_2669  DPP_2668




After watchin Alive in the Wonderland went for dinner @ Garden



DPP_2690The Menu looks like a storybook DPP_2692


 DPP_2718  DPP_2716







The most disgusting dessert for me , but i guess if you love mango you will love it :)

Got a new addition to my accessories , a hot shoe cover from Gariz sold to me by Ecam Solution DPP_2729

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How I spend time in Genting !

This is how I kill time in Genting ! This is just a random post okay and a delayed one. with pictures and lots of editing =.= I was bored so excuse me !



P1120359 P1120360


R35 from SG , BBS 21” Rims , Gold Brembo brakes , FULL titanium exhaust system.


P1120368Ignore if you saw this car on my blog before =.= I love this car and every time i see one i must take a picture of it :D

Ever saw a naked Snail ? :D Here is one beside me in Starbucks :DP1120372

- - - Pictures were all taken by Panasonic LS80 - - -

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My new toy !

Hello everybody ! : D I’m back with a new toy ! A way better compact , a Canon G11 ! This thing is the bomb ! I will not elaborate more i’ll let the pictures do the talking :)

DPP_2257   DPP_2249  DPP_2252

   DPP_2265  DPP_2276  DPP_2277  DPP_2285  DPP_2288  DPP_2306  DPP_2348  DPP_2356


DPP_2385 DPP_2418  DPP_2389  DPP_2390  DPP_2413  DPP_2417