Wednesday, September 30, 2009

off day.

skipped school today cause there was something very insignificant happening in school therefore i can skip :D hehe.. stayed home, edit pictures , wrote stuff for my upcoming post, studied, and stoned for the whole day.. thats most of the stuff i did today :) AfterHours FM. rocks !! now i dont need to download all my trance/progressive/house tracks since i can just listen to them via iTunes.. for all trance/progressive/house freaks here is their site.  AfterHouseFM.


the canon photo marathon is nearing.. it’s at Sunway Lagoon Elephant Walk.. if any of you are wondering where is that, it’s right beside the Sunway Medical Centre.



The entry fee will be waived for all Canon users and the members of the Press. However, Canon users are required to bring along their cameras for verification purposes.


For non Canon users, a minimum entry free of RM30 will be collected upon registration at the event venue.


Canon users free ! hehe here are the T&C i took off their site.



Participants must abide by the competition rules and any decisions made by the organizer are final.


Participants under the age of 18 must obtain parental / legal guardian consent & fill in the consent column within the registration form. For online registration, obtain the parental / legal guardian consent form from the downloadable attachment. All participants must print the relevant indemnity form & parental / legal guardian consent form, sign it and return on the day of the event.


The organizer reserves the right to use any submitted photograph for publicity purposes without consent & compensation to the photographers.


Organizer reserves the right to disqualify any participant who has infringed any of the competition rules.


Decisions by the organizers and competition judges are final. No queries will be entertained.


Participation in the competition signifies the agreement and acceptance of the terms and conditions as listed.


All nationalities are welcomed.


By taking part in the Canon PhotoMarathon, participants are deemed to have acknowledged that the organizer is indemnified against any accidents or injuries sustained in the course of the event.


and the Rules


All participants must wear the Canon apparel during the entire event. Free size T-shirt will be given out to participants.


Participants can use any digital camera to shoot photographs during the event.


Storage format accepted are CF/SD formats. Participants using other formats must supply their own relevant adaptors/drivers. The organizers will not be held responsible for the inability to read/upload images.


Participants can use any form of transport during the event.


Photos MUST be submitted in JPEG format only. (no conversion software will be provided)


All photographs will be judged on the following key criteria:
• Creativity in the theme interpretation
• Use of colors & light/shadows
• Composition of photograph
• Relevance to theme


There are two competition categories: Compact Digital Camera & DSLR.
All entries must fulfill the following conditions:
• Submit each assignment photograph on time.
• Assignment photograph must be based on designated theme.


In addition, the assignment winners of the Canon PhotoMarathon will be selected based on the highest points awarded for each of the 3 themes.


In order to be eligible for the Grand Prize, participants must complete all 3 assignments. The Grand Prize winners will be selected based on the highest points awarded amongst the winners of the themes.


All digital photographs submitted must be new works that have been shot on the day of the competition, during the competition hours by participants. Participants, who submit images that were shot earlier, or shot by proxies, will be disqualified.


Images for download must be in the highest resolution available in the camera. Images are not to be altered by any image editing software.


Winning photos will be announced on the 10th October 2009.


Participants are to report at 0700hrs for registration at the venue.


Participants must submit photos in person. No proxy submission by any participant is allowed during the Canon PhotoMarathon.


The organizer will not be responsible for providing photographic equipment including cameras spare batteries, lenses, additional memory cards, other photographic accessories & etc. All participants are expected to come prepared with all their photographic equipment.


The organizer will not be responsible for any loss of images/data or damage to memory card during the downloading process.


Participants are required to bring along their NRIC or passport for registration. Participants under the age of 18 years are required to fill in the parental / legal guardian consent form within the registration form. For online registration, obtain the parental/legal guardian consent form from the downloadable attachment. Participants who do not bring along the required materials will be disqualified from registration


Head on over to Canon Malaysia to register now ! Registration close on 5th October 2009 !

now some pictures of my new and improved computer :D the newest addition to it’s home is a Gainward 3850 512MB DDR3 ! Giving me all the frames i need to cope with GRID on Ultra graphics and COD4 too !

P1110707  P1110708  P1110709  P1110710  P1110711  P1110712  P1110713

pictures straight out from my compact without editing =.= so ignore the quality..

thanks for viewing ! :)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

catch a glimpse.

hey there everybody ! its been sometime since i blog ! :( well on monday i went to Ipoh with my family on a one day trip thing.. it was quite fun i guess.. has been a long time since i spent quality time with them :D left the house around 6am.. arrived about 8am.. went to a local dim sum restaurant, that was crowded with people lining up to get a seat.. o.O and it was so early ? =.= crazy people, got a seat and here are some pictures of the food. the food as not to say really delicious but acceptable : )

Ipoh2  Ipoh1 Ipoh3

Ipoh9  Ipoh8 Ipoh7 Ipoh19  Ipoh10  Ipoh11  Ipoh13  Ipoh15  Ipoh16  Ipoh17  Ipoh18  Ipoh21  Ipoh23  Ipoh27  Ipoh40  Ipoh45 

went to a cave which have statues in there.. forgot the name of the place =.= then went to    another cave.. this time a cave which houses a temple.. and on top of the mountain there is a nice view of Ipoh, but there was like 388 very very steep steps and the steps were half the size of my shoe =.= imagine how hard it is to go up there..agony i tell you.. and yes i have the fear of heights.. went all the way to the half way point and gave up =.= went back down and was already drenched..    

Ipoh47  Ipoh48  Cave no. 1Ipoh52  Ipoh55  Ipoh57  Ipoh83  Ipoh86  Ipoh89  Ipoh92  Ipoh106 Ipoh110  Ipoh115  Ipoh135    Cave no. 2Ipoh142  Ipoh143  Ipoh141   Ipoh146  Ipoh148 Ipoh149  Ipoh175  Ipoh180 the half way point.Ipoh178   Ipoh181  Ipoh186 sorry the trees were all over the place =.= this was what i could only get from where i was standingIpoh194

went to Kinta City , wanted to go buy a tee to change my soaked tee.. wanted to go to Jusco but  they were closed due to Hari Raya..  ended up going to Baleno to get a tee.. walked around the place, right as i walked into the car park which is on the 4th floor there was a nice view of the hills surrounding Ipoh.. Ipoh410

decided to have lunch at Ipoh’s Original White Coffee which is a small lil coffee shop.. the White Coffee was yummy ! just what i needed to cool down on such a sunny afternoon.. ate fried kueh teow and shared roti bakar with the family.. the fried kueh teow is BAD.. taste so awful..

Ipoh196  Ipoh197


Ipoh199 kopi o’ :DIpoh200 my white coffee and my shades :)Ipoh202 inside the coffee shop.Ipoh203


Ipoh210    Ipoh212  Ipoh211 Ipoh213


Ipoh219  Ipoh224


Ipoh229  Ipoh238 beautiful skies :)Ipoh241  Ipoh248  Ipoh249 my brother-in-law pointing to something o.OIpoh252 nice eh ? i was shocked when i took this.. looked more like the estima was photoshopped in.. this guy’s number plate is nice NBU 7 xDIpoh253 lol my brother doing his thing O_o haha.. Ipoh254

Ipoh255 mcdonald’s ! Ipoh258  Ipoh270 Ipoh278 it started to pour :( very very very humid !! grr..Ipoh282 me.Ipoh291 Ipoh295  my sister and the chicken inside the bag. lol

then we were on the way out of Ipoh we stop by this place where we could buy pomeloes

Ipoh314 Ipoh319   Ipoh307 Ipoh322   Ipoh323  Ipoh326


spotted NBU 7 again :DIpoh331 stop by the biggest R&R between KL and Ipoh.. had so many restaurants and fruit stalls.. went and buy guava :)Ipoh336  take away the &  and it becomes EW FOOD SERVICE =.= what a weird name for a restaurant. lolIpoh377 Ipoh380 a viva going by.  Ipoh381 Ipoh385a white golf GTI.

reached home and went out for dinner with my family to celebrate my birthday earlier since i wouldn’t be free the next day. picture for the dinner will be on my birthday post.

sorry for the super long delay.. have been really busy hope you enjoyed the pictures !