Sunday, September 6, 2009


on saturday was my dad’s birthday . whole family went to one utama to have dinner : ) went to chili’s.

DPP_7818 copy

DPP_7820 my bro with his iPhone 3G.DPP_7822 my mom and dad. sorry mom this was the only picture where both of you are not moving.. lol was lazy to take again had an annoying tummy ache.DPP_7823 the lamp above.DPP_7824 my bro’s chocolate banana sundae.DPP_7829 mushroom & chicken soup.DPP_7831 our main courses.DPP_7832



DPP_7835  DPP_7837

DPP_7838 heart shaped chicken patty.DPP_7839  DPP_7840 my medicine for my tummyache. carbon pills DPP_7842  DPP_7843 yes i do.. but maybe some other time :(DPP_7844 hari raya decorations are up :) a kampung in one utama DPP_7846  DPP_7847 my sister clowning around.. lolDPP_7853 me staring at my sister’s fingers.. hahaimage

watched final destination 4 in 3D with my brother, sister and my dad.. mom didn’t like movies like this.. i give this movie 7/10 for the cool 3D effect storyline predictable they all die =.=

today went to Petaling Street to have fried kueh teow for lunch with my mom,dad,and aunt.


DPP_7859 walked across the street to collect the curry puffs my mom ordered. : ) really delicious :)DPP_7860

DPP_7862 the guy preparing the curry puff and filling it with the stuffing DPP_7865 Madam Kong putting her love into her curry puffs that she sells :)DPP_7866 Petaling Street filled with tourist despite H1N1.. :)DPP_7869 apam balik or what ever you call it =.= love it though..DPP_7870 refreshing air mata kucing but its quite pricey for such a small cup..DPP_7874 what’s this? its the thing they use to cook the roasted cashew nutDPP_7875 the owner of the shop, a jolly fella indeed kept singing while my mom was buying cashew nut from him.. lol DPP_7864 ever seen a ang moh selling stuff in Petaling Street? only expect the ang moh to shop huh well now there is the one and only hahaDPP_7878  DPP_7883 need to put a cage around your CCTV? =.= god.. DPP_7885 the ancient Pos officer quarters , my dad use to visit his friend who worked there when he was in his 20s.. pretty cool..


Jalan Panggong.

thats it :)

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