Thursday, June 18, 2009


continuing for the previous post


P1040328 tiger, tiger cafe  in perth.

P1040335 view from the area outside the cafe :)

P1040346hot chocolate and marshmallows :) *slurps

P1040356  a lonely little bird. : (

P1040357 the view from the pier.

P1040396 delicious pies served here :D

P1040394 their very own mascot my brother-in-law :D


P1040378P1040373view from the top of the bell tower :)


P1040409 P1040405 bought a pair of shoes, though i have never heard of this brand. my brother-in-law said it was very comfortable and stuff. so decided to buy it :D


thats all for tonight will continue again tomorrow :)

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