Thursday, January 14, 2010

Food Galore @ Bobalicious Smoothies

Hey everybody ! :D It’s a 2010 already so fast huh? This is how i spent my off day ! Went out for a movie with Baby @ TCM ( Tropicana City Mall ) We watched Sherlock Holmes ! It is the bomb ! VERY VERY interesting movie :)


Rating ? 8/10 ! Go watch if you haven’t watched it !

After that went to Bobalicious Smoothies for a food shoot :) Lynnette “hired” me to shoot their delicacies for their menu :) So just enjoy the yummy pictures , before that the food there is pretty darn good never knew such a small place could serve such good food :)


Ordered their Soursop de Guava and Chocolate Banana ! Damn delicious ! I mean the chocolate banana not the Soursop de Guava =_= i hate soursop ! Topped with yummy whip cream compared to Starbucks disgusting whip cream =_=

DPP_1283  DPP_1275

DPP_1277    DPP_1281 DPP_1270

DPP_1293  DPP_1297




DPP_1322  DPP_1330


DPP_1328 DPP_1336  DPP_1337


DPP_1353   DPP_1350  DPP_1351    DPP_1347  DPP_1361

Enjoyed the pictures ? If you think the food looks good , it’s even better in your mouth :D

Go find them at Tropicana City Mall !

Food rating : 8.5/10

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