Monday, January 18, 2010

One big jump !

What’s Up everyone ! How are you spending your new year? Any resolutions for this year ? Good luck with it well i got something awesome to start my new year with an iPhone 3G ! It’s been some time i wanted to get this phone now i finally have it, had an iPod Touch 8GB First Gen but lost it in a couple of months and that was history ! Feels so good playin with my new found toy :)

This is one of those gadgets where you can really tweak and tweak and tweak , it’s like endless opportunities in this thing ! Jail breaked it and i' have all the cool apps for free :) Bought an awesome case for this thing the SwitchEasy Capsule Rebel M – B & W. Found somebody on the internet selling this for RM120 , best of all he bought Pure Black and Pure White and switched the colors meaning he had an extra case left :)



DPP_1380   DPP_1379



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