Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 !

How did i spend Earth Hour 2010 ? I spent it organizing the Battle of the Bands with the Leo Club of Tropicana Tree-nity ! :) This blog post will consists of very few words and lots of pictures ;D


DPP_3101 DPP_3102Our sound system :) D.A.S line array !DPP_3103

DPP_3106 DPP_3108  DPP_3117  DPP_3113


Thank god , the sky didn’t fall on us ! :D


DPP_3124  DPP_3123


DPP_3138From the crowds point of view :DPP_3150Our judges , Reymee from Inneundo and Neil  DPP_3184.JPG-copy DPP_3184Republic Bar :D

That’s about it ! :) Thanks to everybody who came and show support and making this event a successful one ! Thanks to the OPs that came and featured the event on their blogs :) Thanks to the Leos & Lions that helped us out :)

All pictures taken by Canon Powershot G11

Sorry if i left out pictures of the bands performing as part of the organizing committee didn’t have the time to photograph them =(

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  1. Thanks for Featuring my Line6 POD X3 LIVE. haha