Sunday, March 7, 2010

Maybank Malaysian Open 2010

Hello, today me and my dad went to the Maybank Malaysian Open @ KLGCC which was very near my house. He got 4 VIP tix and all his friend were lazy to go so me and him went only , bloody useless club the service was hopeless we parked outside and walked all the way into the main entrance then only there was a shuttle buggy up to the 1st hole , Saujana club was so much better !

Back to the point , the only gear i brought there was my 40D + 100-400L nothing else kinda regretted not bringing my other lens could have took nice scenery shots :) Here is what i got from lying under the sun for hours , got a freaking sunburn all over me now ! =.=  



* before i begin , sorry but I have no idea all the players names xD DPP_2129

DPP_2110 DPP_2113 DPP_2114   DPP_2120



DPP_2124  DPP_2125

DPP_2137 DPP_2136  DPP_2132 DPP_2130    DPP_2135   DPP_2159  DPP_2152  DPP_2156  DPP_2157

DPP_2219  DPP_2162  DPP_2164   DPP_2167  DPP_2169  DPP_2170   DPP_2176  DPP_2178  DPP_2179  DPP_2182  DPP_2187  DPP_2193  DPP_2197  DPP_2198

If you have comments about my pictures do leave a comment :) Thanks for viewing !

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