Wednesday, February 17, 2010

27 Months Together = )

Yesterday was our 27 months anniversary : ) We have been together for so long , time flies we were once in school and now we are already finish with it and waitin for results to come out : )

We went to Curve to catch The Wolfman !

On the way into Curve i spotted these two , Beetle and Fairlady..P1120403 P1120407    P1120406  P1120404 P1120410  P1120411

Thank god it’s not like twilight , at least the wolfman looked like a wolf =_= and not an angry puppy like in twilight. 


Released: 2010

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The Wolfman

Simon Merrells, Emily Blunt, Mario Marin-Borquez, Cristina Contes, Art Malik, Nicholas Day,

What i think of this movie ? Rating : 7.5/10

Then we went to Tony Roma’s for dinner : ) 


P1120420 Yummy Onion LoafP1120422 Top Shelf Long Island Tea, we shared our main course which was Mojo Chicken ( pictures were too ugly didn’t wanna put it up )  P1120436 P1120437   New folder (2)

Hehe :) Love you baby :)

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