Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Road Trip

Hey there peeps !

Yesterday my friends and I were suppose to go over my friend’s place to gamble but ended up only a few people went so we decided to go KL ! Since Weng Hou wanted to get his Cascada’s album that he’s been dying for ! He prays to Cascada as if she’s a goddess i tell you =.= Justin drove me , baby , and weng hou to Pavilion. Was hungry cause i didn’t have lunch nor breakfast.. Ate the delicious Roast Duck Rice @ Food Junction in Pavilion, didn’t bother taking out my camera : D

Walked around went into Gucci and some expensive shops that makes me wanna get the stuff even if it’s so expensive xD Saw an awesome Gucci belt.. so tempted now.. RM880 for a belt ?! HAIH ! Wanted to go for Kenko Fish Spa but ended up not going for it , walked to KLCC which was like 3 minutes away.

Since it was nearly 6-ish decided to have dinner @ California Pizza Kitchen ( CPK ) the food there never changed and the ambience is still the same old calming thing. Waiter showed us to the table overlooking the KLCC Fountain walked out to the smoking area to take a few shots of the place , been a long time since i took pictures so excuse the boring angles or lighting.

DPP_1852  DPP_1853


DPP_1856   DPP_1863  DPP_1864


Food was served ordered 2 Pizzas and shared a Fettuccini Cabonara with baby , the pizza was really superb we ordered the most famous one which is The Original BBQ Chicken and Shrimp “ something “. Indulge in our food till we were about to explode =.= DPP_1888 DPP_1890  DPP_1894

DPP_1903  DPP_1904 DPP_1906


Went to Crumpler to get a Thirsty Al XL pouch for my bags , baby ended up buying for me since i wanted it so badly , Love you baby ! Then our Cascada freak went to Rock Corner and got the latest album. Went back to Pavilion , got the shock of my life when the parking ticket summed up to RM15 ! KNN ! And i had to pay it all =.= after that we lost the car, forgot what floor we parked on so kept hunting high and low until we exceeded the time limit of 15 minutes was so scared i had to pay another RM15, luckily pay RM3 only.. *relief*   DPP_1910 DPP_1913  DPP_1911

Went back to TTDI , picked Zhen Chi up went to Al-Safa while Justin and “ChiChi” shis ha the 3 of us stoned and talked. That’s how we ended the day : D

Oooh and I got a doodoll from baby xD It’s Blinky ! image

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