Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cloud 9

OMG ! This is my reaction when i heard my new IEMs , Fischer Audio Eterna !


It sounds so clear yet packs a solid punch of bass.. Packaging was very simple but sufficient :) Bought it from a supplier of Fischer Audio in SG , here is their website Treoo – go take a look the prices are good and they deliver to Malaysia. This thing was worth waiting for , listening to Safri Duo – Prelude , DJ Tiesto ft. Nelly Furtado – Who wants to be alone , Olivia Ong – Kiss me , this IEM is like a well built athlete.. This is exactly why it won the Sonic Diamond Award !


I’m yet to hook this baby up into the FiiO E1 Headphone Amp and put own new tips xD

Frequency range: 8-22000 Hz
Sensitivity: 110 dB
Impedance: 18 Om
Input power: 350 mW
Cable Length: 1.25 M with Oxygen-Free Copper cable
Includes: Single flange eartips (S, L), Bi-flanges eartips, Silicone ear guides, soft pouch and manual
*All come with 3.5mm L-shaped, gold plated mini plug.

Physical Properties:

┣ Packaging: ★★★★
┣ Accessories: ★★★★☆
┣ Build Quality: ★★★★☆
┣ Isolation: ★★★★★
┣ Microphonics: ★★★★★
┣ Comfort: ★★★★★
┗ Quick Sum: Good paper box design, two set of eartips (L, S), one set of bi-flange, soft pouch, silicone ear guide and manual. Good build quality. Very good seal, isolation and comfort. Microphonics is low due to over-the-ear design.
Sound Quality:
┣ Treble: ★★★★☆
┣ Mid: ★★★★☆
┣ Bass: ★★★★★
┣ Soundstage: █ ▆ ▄ ▂ ▄ ▆ █ - Great / Wide
┣ ABF: [Low ]
┣ Overall SQ: [4.75 / 5]

Here are some self shot pictures of my package from Mr Louis of !

P1120441 P1120442    P1120443  P1120446 P1120447  P1120449  P1120453  P1120454A free Fischer Audio Tee from Mr Louis :)  P1120456With the T500 Comply Tips  P1120457

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