Saturday, February 13, 2010

a few new things for CNY :)

Hey there ! CNY is coming closer and I'm sure everybody did their CNY shopping already? Well i have i got a few new things :D

A new gaming keyboard.

Logitech G110 !



P1120355    P1120385



P1120383 What I think of it? Well it’s pretty darn good , with the choices of 3 colour backlit. Each colour has it’s own profile meaning if you prefer to have blue backlit when in desktop mode the Macros at the side could be used for windows commands rather than in-game macro. :) Has a cool switch above , to remove the irritating WINDOWS that is frequently clicked by many gamers.. Thank god Logitech was intelligent enough to have an ON/OFF switch for the LED who needs it in broad daylight ? =_= With some media control that i have no idea why they don’t work with iTunes.. Overall great buy for such a good price :)

Rating 8/10 , if you are hunting for the Microsoft X6 forget about that just get this !


A new pair of shoes.P1120387  P1120386  P1120400

And soon to arrive from SG , a pair of IEMs + FiiO E1 !image


  1. Ppl shop for clothes CNY, u shop gadgets! LOL

    but that Nike shoe! I want it! Been finding a bumblebee color shoe for so long and still fail! beli mana! =D

  2. Haha gadgets " complete " me xD

    lol that shoe any Nike shop also got le !

  3. LoL, nevertheless....i juz bought a nike too!
    Red color wan!