Monday, November 16, 2009

2 Years With You.

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Your Companionship

Hun , thanks for staying by my side when things weren't going smooth in my life.
We even argue so frequent more than anyone could imagine , but guess what?
We managed to end everything with a kiss & hug.
Sorry for all the arguements i put you through , Eric
Your presence was absolutely a gift for me.

Your Hugs & Kisses
Whenever you hold me in your arms & just look me in the eyes just to give me a kiss on my forehead.
I feel warmth & loved.
My heart still feels the tingle whenever you are close to me , honey.

Your Heart
You gave your heart to me & I gave you mine to keep.
& not forgetting all my darkest secrets I told you.
Your heart & mind cheers me up whenever i am sad.
You bear with me whenever i throw my tantrum on necessary things & i put the blame on you.
Or when sometimes i start to whine a lot and really really annoys you & you just don't say a single word.

Your Promises
You love me each day more & more without hesitating my love for you.
You have yet to fulfill some of the promises but I'm glad that you did tried.

Thank you for everything , Honey
& sorry for all the mistakes i have done.
* this is for all the times i wouldn't want to say sorry to you. : D

It shouldn't be just this date I'm suppose to be saying & doing all this things to you but I am really glad I let you back in my life again 2 years back from this date.

I love you.
Happy 2 Years Anniversary , Honey.

"Love is missing someone whenever you're apart,
but somehow feeling warm inside because you're close in heart."

Written by , Jia Linq.

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