Saturday, November 14, 2009

ND8 Test Run !

Hey everybody , this will be the last update until after December 8 : D So anyways baby bought me a ND8 filter for my camera recently and it just arrived ! its so nice to play with ! Thanks dear :DDPP_12203

Here are the test shots ! Went to Curve at night with my dad so i tried doing light trails again :DDPP_12229



DPP_12211  DPP_12212





DPP_12224 Cervical Cancer Awareness thing :) DPP_12225

DPP_12226 Went to Ikea to have the new Cinnamon Roll & Pepsi :) It taste damn good its a must try ! Not too sweet and its fresh out of the oven.DPP_12227 DPP_12228   DPP_12234


Thats it for tonight : ) Thanks for viewing :)

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