Friday, November 6, 2009

7 Million Dollar Home !

Hey there everybody :) I finally got a new camera bag !!! A Black  Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home.. Have been waitin for the right time to buy it, but can’t seem to save enough money for it :D Thanks dear for helping me : D Love you ;) Anyways the bag is huge ! Please ignore the quality of the pictures as i didnt have time to take proper pictures yet, right now in this setup i could fit 5 lens , 1 flash gun, 1 body and all my accessories.. in other words i can fit whatever photography equipment i have in there and still have room for another body or 2 more lenses ! Huge eh? if you are thinkin about buy this bag or a 5 million dollar home ? Just go straight to the shop in KLCC and get it ! Stocks are arriving this week : )




DPP_12192 Ignore how i arranged my gear was so lazy =.=  but anyways the 100-400L is in the center and yet its not protruding out of the bag ! a very deep bag ! a great buy indeed !

Here is a video of my old friend acting stupid when he saw food =.= Not taken by me , taken by Sapawi.

Enjoy !

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