Friday, November 27, 2009

SPM 2009 Physics & Chemistry Tips

Hey for those who are dying for physics and chemistry tips here they are !! Don’t blame me if they dont come out and don’t thank me if they do as it’s not made by me :)

Physics Tips 2009

Paper 2
Section A
Q1. Measuring Instrument, Error, Smallest Division
Q2. Forces, Triangle of forces, F=ma, Energy
Q3. Latent Heat and Heat Capacity, Calculation, Evaporation
Q4. Pressure, depth, calculation, explain
Q5. Interference pattern and refraction of wave
Q6. V=IR, parallel circuit, calculations
Q7. Logic gates with transistor circuit
Q8. Radioactivity, Half Life, Graph, Equation

Section B
Q9. Lenses, Refraction, Mirror, Microscope
Q10. Electromagnetic Induction, Solenoid, AC/DC Generator

Section C
Q11. Radioisotopes detection, usage, detector
Q12. Archimedes Principle, boat / hydrometer / tanker

Paper 3
Section A
Q1. Resistance, Voltmeter, Graphs, Table
Q2. Optics graph, calculate, gradient, focal length
Q2. Heat capacity graph, calculate, gradient, focal length

Section B
Q1. Refraction of water waves
Q2. Gas laws, Boyle’s Law or Charles Law

Chemistry Tips 2009
Paper 2
Section A
Q1. Soap – Hardwater, Food Additives, Medicine
Q2. Atoms, Electron Arrangement, Heating – Melting Point
Q3. Empirical Formula – MgO or CuO
Q4. Neutralisation – Calculation and Equations
Q5. Redox Reaction – Utube, KMnO4 with FeSO4 or Cl2 with KI
Q6A. Hydrocarbon – alkene, alcohol, flow chart, esterification
Q6B Preparation of Soluble and Insoluble Salt

Section B
Q7. Ionic Bond and Covalent Bond – Electrical Conductivity and Melting Point
Q8. Electroplating experiment and Voltaic Cell/Daniel Cell
Q9. Alloy, Composite Material, Contact Process
Q10. Heat of combustion – butanol, experiment, calculations

Paper 3
Q1. Group 1 – reactivity, variables, observation, pH value of alkali,
or Voltaic Cell – cell voltage difference, variables, observation, operational definition
Q2. Rate of Reaction – Temperature or Catalyst
or Rusting of Iron Nail – Sacrificial Protection

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