Monday, December 28, 2009

5 days of standing around !

Hey everybody , i finally revive my blog after 5 days of working @ Mac City’s Discovery Week !

It was fun , with lots of friends working with me :) Entertained very very strange customers and very friendly ones too.. All in all i learned a lot about Apple products :D

DPP_0673iPod Nano 5th Generation & My macro filter + hood DPP_0675 iPod Touch not iTouch =.= so many people keep sayin iTouch.. the 3rd generation ! Faster & More powerful ! DPP_0676 Paired with AKG headphones = pure enjoyment DPP_0678My new friend Yoong Jian :) DPP_0679 Cher Haow being blind =_= DPP_0685 Amelia aka our manager DPP_0689  DPP_0686  DPP_0687  DPP_0688


DPP_0702 Macbook 13” DPP_0708 The Apple Malaysia people having their briefingDPP_0710


DPP_0712 The MacBookPro becomes a midget behind the iMac 27” lol..DPP_0715 My new friend AlexDPP_0716 Hot pink iPod Nano ! DPP_0718 Damn i want the Salary Sacrifice laptop backpack the brown one xDDPP_0719 Jia Ling – Jia LinQ’s twin lol.. so weird havin somebody that has the same name as your girlfriend working at your shop =.= DPP_0721 The Service Spa , where customers come to get their presents wrapped up and the technicians to do their magic DPP_0722Green screen recording and editing on iMovie !DPP_0723Somehow i love takin pictures of the iMac.. =.= wonder whyDPP_0727 Chun Yeen serving customers :) DPP_0731


DPP_0736  DPP_0737  DPP_0747Gameloft’s booth , people playin with the iPod Touch !DPP_0756  DPP_0757  DPP_0769 AKG Headphones K450 costing RM549 if im not mistakenDPP_0772I so envy this Singaporean.. they get all the nice colors for Crumpler bags =(DPP_0784


DPP_0797 DPP_0798 DPP_0814   DPP_0820



 DPP_0961ipod classic on JBL :DDPP_1007


DPP_1019  DPP_1022 Candid =.=DPP_1039

By Cher Haow DPP_1064 LOL ! DPP_1089Group Picture of everyone from Mac City  !

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  1. Hi there, I chanced upon your post saying that you want the Salary Sacrifice laptop backpack. I have one in hand. Wonder if you're interested. Email me at

    And btw, your shots are oh-so-beautiful:):)