Saturday, December 12, 2009


L.O.S ? it means lack of sleep haha :D

Got home from dinner with baby @ One utama, Italiannies..

Before i begin , damn Malacca is nice.. so much to walk and eat xD So tired now, well i still have to blog this so yeah ! : D

Italiannies have a new menu ! a new set meal :)

P1120235  P1120237

P1120238 P1120239  The usual delicious starter ! :) Wonder why they changed the bread :( now there is two types , prefer the old one.. P1120241  P1120242Clam soup. the simple name didn’t bother remembering the name taste really awesome :) The clam shells decorating the bowl by Jia Linq :D P1120243 P1120246 My pizza starter thing..  :) P1120249  P1120250My Cabonara Linguinie Pasta if that’s how you spell it :)P1120260


P1120261 Camwhore session xD Hehe , that’s it for tonight :) Thanks dear for coming out for dinner with me :D Love you !

* pictures taken by Panasonic LS80 *


oh wait wait !


i forgot about something !!!


a sneak preview of Malacca thru my lens :)

DPP_0179  DPP_0268



DPP_0124 Look at that sexy leg on the left , wonder whose is that ;D


That’s it for tonight :)

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