Friday, December 11, 2009


Finally SPM is over, what a relief !
SPM felt great overall i guess.. Sejarah was bad , add maths was horrible , moral was quite easy though surprisingly.. Feel so free now, just came back from a good game of GRID , L4D 2 @ Blitz Zone , DJ ! Went there with Weng Hou and some other friend.. Had a great time ! :) After that at night i went out yumcha with Justin , Zhen Chi , and Weng Hou.. Went to bangsar for a drink and “nasi lemak babi” then went and disturb my friend Julian who will be sittin for his last paper tomorrow and since he is going to Australia so just said our goodbyes :)

That’s about it.. :)

* Sorry if you have been waitin for the pictures of the Nissan 370z but somehow it went missing from my hard drive :( So.. yeah :(


The last i would see of my school for another 3 months i guess? :)

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