Friday, December 11, 2009

A new power supply !

Finally i got my new power supply , Vantec ION2+ 600W Modular ! :) Now i can look forward to upgrading my computer ! Yay ! ATI 5850/5770 here i come ! Hehehe :) The packaging is sweet , very simple and well protected. The cables are pre-sleeved in black. Modular connection is really useful when it comes to cable management in your PC, this PSU ( power supply unit ) is really good and silent , the fan spins at full RPM with no noticeable increase in noise besides my other case fans..

P1120098  P1120097

P112010213.5cm fan   P1120103pre-sleeved :)  P1120100 modular connection P1120101 600w true power !!! :D

And recently i just took collection of my new WD Raptor ! Now my PC is currently running on RAID 0 ! Everything runs effortless ! :)


*sorry for the poor quality pictures , taken by my compact :)


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