Wednesday, December 9, 2009

X’mas @ Curve – 1 Utama

Hey everybody ! :)

So how you fellas spending you freedom after SPM ? Well i decided to go out with my girlfriend to the Curve.. Before she reached i went for my interview @ ALL IT HYPERMARKET.. here is how the story goes.. Went there for the interview with Finn , manager asked me to filled in a form. I choose to be in the Tech Support department , the department which deals with fixing computers / building  them / or troubleshooting them.

So the floor manager Calvin , asked me some questions as if he thinks i’m completely stupid about computers =_= i mod my computer and repair it , that's obviously why i wanted that job right?  Don’t think he was suppose to actually make me sound that i’m clueless about all this , questioned me as if im stupid or something =.= The best part is he offers this position to only people who willingly want to take FULL TIME instead of PART TIME , but the difference in salary is actually NONE . You get paid RM3.50 @ ALL IT HYPERMARKET???? You messing with me ? Hello i can go to McD and work for RM3.50 , don't think you could step over my head cause I'm in need of a job okay? 

After that, baby was waitin outside of the shop for me, went walking around and took pictures of the X’mas deco outside the Curve..

DPP_0008 DPP_0004  DPP_0006  DPP_0014

DPP_0015  DPP_0016


DPP_0022 Walked to One Utama, yes very sad =.= wish i had a car !DPP_0024

DPP_0028 A new addition to One Utama , Sticky , a confectionary that makes awesome sweets , rock candy heard of it?  The ones that are famous in Australia ? Price is really reasonable for one jar, go get one for your loved ones for X’mas :)DPP_0031

DPP_0033  DPP_0036

In progress.. Huge chunk of sugar right? DPP_0035   DPP_0034 Went to Wong Kok to have lunch.DPP_0046


DPP_0050  DPP_0047  DPP_0049


DPP_0055 Seafood fried rice & Portugese fried rice :)

Walked around then went to centerpoint cause baby wanted to do threading @ A-Listers , if that’s how you spell it :) My sis’s friend owns the place :) While we waited for the shop to open again since they were on a break , went to McD to chill and have a drink..Met sherwin and his cousin there :)DPP_0081 DPP_0071

After that went home, baby’s dad sent me home :) Now time to pack for my Malacca trip tomorrow,

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