Wednesday, July 29, 2009

argh i hate add maths !

dammit i just hate add maths so freakin much !!! just got back from school.. nearly slept through most of my papers.. feels so good haha.. it was pouring early in the morning that means i could take my time to shower lol ! cooked baby some fried rice and then went and shower notice that there wasn’t any hot water –_- so was showering in ice cold water lol..

   left for school.. first paper Chemistry –_- totally messed it up.. Chapter 3 ? well i didn’t even get the chance to touch the book so epic fail –_- so slept thru the whole paper then Jia Linq woke me up 15 mins it ended and i just simply filled in the blanks.. i remember writing a lot of Iodine..

P1100930P1100928P1100927fergalicious ~ *inside joke.. lol

then came moral ~ heehee :D it was great.. could answer most of the questions for some reasons better not known :)P1100959 recess time ! bought a Coney Dog.. tastes SO GOOOD !!

then came the time where i completely went O.O on my add maths paper.. didn’t know what to do so i just knocked off.. thats about all for my day in school..

P1100977 P1100986 P1100994sieu minn’s keychains ! so cute ~ haha P1110009 P1110007 P1110008 jia linq’s small lil house.. lol looks abit like a house to me o.O its just a the drawer of the table

came home had some Chee Cheong Fun.. went straight to the computer and started hunting for a UV filter for my new lens.. all seems so freakin expensive.. RM 180  onwards.. dilemma now.. then Jia Linq showed me a website that sells sneakers !!! i was so amazed and going gaga over the nice shoes i did it for about 2 hours.. i want Old Navy Sneakers !!! : (


all of a sudden my dad asked him to follow him to Lake Gardens.. i was like for what? He said to stalk some birds –_- with the new lens.. so i just tagged along and took some pictures too :) pictures will be up soon.. gonna have some delicious kapitan chicken for dinner yay !!!

 DPP_5068DPP_5064DPP_5079DPP_5085 DPP_5080DPP_5084  this bloody geese are so territorial that when i approach them more the male would chase me –_- imagine me running from a goose lol.. anyways got a pic of it approaching me lol


lol aggressive huh ? –_-

DPP_5090 awh so sweet right ? :)

DPP_5092 DPP_5094 DPP_5095 DPP_5101DPP_5106  DPP_5114 this place is big –_- they even got a rusa and kancil garden lol..

DPP_5116 lonely bird : (

DPP_5117 what ya lookin at ?

DPP_5122 a iguana ? :D

DPP_5136 DPP_5133 deers lots of them.. they are such lazy creatures lol

DPP_5171 the way in and the way out from the car park :)

DPP_5175 a tree trunk that just got trimmed : ) and the rest of the park in the background.

DPP_5182 then sun covered in a lump of clouds :)


thats all for today :) hope u enjoyed the pictures :)

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