Sunday, July 26, 2009

LOUD at DUMC !!! pt. 2

Here come some pictures of all the performances that night !

Sorry for the bad pictures was at the back of the crowd except for some few shots when the crowd was less so i could go in front and take :D

DPP_4994 the trash something –_- sorry forgot the name.. they are a bunch of guys playin beats with dustbins and tongs lol

DPP_5004 the two emcees for the night : )

DPP_5007 5 volunteers on stage , payin their tribute to MJ by dancing to Billie Jean ! was too excited so didn’t take pictures of them doing it lol

DPP_5013 the dancers ! damn they are good, nice coordination and follows the beat quite well :D

DPP_5014 more of them.

DPP_5015 DUMC’s very own band ! they are pretty good , though the first fews songs by the guy was very unclear after a song or two it was gettin better ! the girl singing after the guy was AWESOME !!! no pardon the horrible pic !

DPP_5026 the drummer which is 32 years old according to the emcee lol he has been playin drum since he was 14.. awesome huh?DPP_5025 part of the band , the keyboardist the guitarist and the singer at the back !

DPP_5050 DPP_5035 DPP_5038 they just want more !!! lol

DPP_5044 the trash people once again ! their beats are good though ! LOL they were wearing maggie caps –_-

thats about it, after everything ended when to McD with Zhen Chi and my new friend Zhen Hao.. lol they ain’t brothers.. Zhen Chi’s mom came and pick us up , enjoyed my fries and Choco Sundae ~ heehee..

Well i guess i can’t wait for next year’s LOUD ! Congratulations to the team behind this event , really enjoyed it :)

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