Tuesday, July 28, 2009

feel closer to the moon :)

i feel so close to the moon tonight :) i love using this new lens : D the moon is so nice tonight :)

before that, school was hell.. messed up my modern maths and physics to the max.. sigh.. feel so depressed bout it.. well it’s already done guess i have to work harder next time..P1100913P1100897P1100898P1100905P1100906P1100909

jo wein’s very striking mouse boxers =.= lol

tuition was pretty fun except there was an “outsider” that joined us today.. better if that person wasn’t there such a pain in the ass.. My Condolences to Tan Cher Haow on his earphones that have passed away due to a cut –_- P1100914 my designP1100917her designP1100908chen’s eraserP1100907  my pimped calculator and my glasses and pencil box :D 


a shot of the moon with my 100-400L :D

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