Sunday, July 26, 2009

LOUD at DUMC !!! pt. 1

A very long weekend it was, ending my sunday by going for LOUD! with zhen chi..

*i wasn’t really bothered to take pictures that night as my camera was acting like a bi#ch..*

here are some few shots worth to be shown.. : )

DPP_4929the banner. DPP_4923 some band from DJ if im not mistaken :) didn’t take much pics here was too stuffy lolDPP_4925 DPP_4927DPP_4928  zhen gettin trashed !DPP_4930 another fellow photographer on the left , Edmund is his name if im not mistaken..DPP_4932 DPP_4933 DPP_4934 DPP_4935 the entrance and registration counter for lucky draw.DPP_4936 DPP_4938 guitar hero –.- lolDPP_4939DPP_4940DPP_4947to the auditorium ! look at the crowd o.oDPP_4948 zhen chi’s hair lolDPP_4949 everybody was tryin to get the sticks.. lol in the other pictures you will know what sticks LOLDPP_4956 Scene 1DPP_4957 Scene 2DPP_4958 Scene 3 lol.. everybody was screaming..DPP_4978

my old friend Ramkirtan and Zhen Chi with his “i recycle girls” lol..DPP_4971 my old buddy in primary school, Justin..

continue from part 2 soon. hang in there ! :)

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