Saturday, July 25, 2009

a simple dinner.

went out with my dad to One Utama and had dinner at  Chili’s :D

Here are most of the pictures taken :)

DPP_4893DPP_4894  the very very thick chicken mushroom soup :)

DPP_4895DPP_4896  and here comes the main course, Cajun Club Sandwich and some Tori Platter i think.

DPP_4897 DPP_4901 DPP_4900DPP_4898  thats all for dinner : ) and my dessert are these smokin hot rides XD

DPP_4904 DPP_4902 DPP_4903 DPP_4906 DPP_4909 DPP_4908 damn this must be the best car hyundai ever made o.o looks very much like the mercedes S-Class..

DPP_4912DPP_4910DPP_4911DPP_4913    another nice car :D

DPP_4914 nice shiny engine :D

DPP_4915 shouldn’t have used a flash for all this pictures –_- too white.. haih..

DPP_4916 DPP_4921 a turbo : )

then i left for giant Kota Damansara :) brought groceries then went home :)


the end.

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