Saturday, July 4, 2009

just for a while

i will take a break from posting picture from my holiday last year and post some recent pictures :)


an addition to the garage, my dad’s new jaguar technically its not new but yeah.. here are some test shots.

DPP_2078 DPP_2064 DPP_2067



thats all the pictures of the car. :) now for some other pictures.


DPP_4385 ignore the dust on my keyboard please :D

DPP_4389 my friend , arifin’s headphones.. the iFly with his baby blue iPod shuffle in it :)

arifin to avoid being called gay here is a “small picture” of him in it :)

DPP_4374 lol something i found on my old issue of Men’s Health like 2 years ago.. btw for those who wanna know what was the advice.. it’s be good in the kitchen :D lol

DPP_4372 my room door.. random indeed :D

DPP_4407 the door of the library week at school.. nothing much to take in the library so nothing much to show :)

DPP_2637 a water lily that was in full bloom at my girlfriend’s house :)

DPP_1834chicken under the spot light lol.. it was in genting at one of the restaurant if im not mistaken it’s Hou Mei.. was bored so i took out my camera and took it

DPP_1612the streets of seremban. :)

 DPP_1371my girlfriend :)

DPP_1378 chili, ketchup, mayonnaise :D

DPP_1377 potato chips for 4 :)

DPP_1165 a fossil watch for somebody special :) ignore the ugly reflection on the face of it, protection thing was still on. :)

DPP_2095 a pretty flower outside my house :)

DPP_3790 street lamps ands brake lights.

DPP_4461a weird lookin plant outside o.O strange heh?

 DPP_4369 the door knob to open up to all your dreams.  :)

thats all for today thanks for viewing :) stay tuned !

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