Monday, October 5, 2009

as the water flow.


woke up at  0545 and got ready to leave for Seremban :) Went there with my dad to meet the Photography Society of Negeri Sembilan (PSNS). Went for an expedition to Jeram Toi. Located outside of Seremban itself..  Here are the coordinates for those interested. N02 51.86' E102 00.94'  It was discovered by the British in 1895 and became a popular place for a relaxing bath and a family picnic. Access is very easy from the Seremban-Kuala Kelawang road. In earlier days you just had to park beside the road, but at present this road is being upgraded to a four-lane highway. A special exit, clearly signposted, has been made to Jeram Toi. A really beautiful place, weather was excellent so walking up the steep steps were much more relaxing but standing on the wet moist algae filled stones were dangerous =.= Nearly fell into the waterfall.. Should have brought proper shoes. Not gonna say much about this place but, its worth the long drive, 30mins from Seremban. Here are some pictures, thankfully one of the members which is a veteran photographer borrowed me his tripod since i forgot to bring mine.. damn was the tripod good.. its so solid and the Manfrotto ballhead rocked to the max ! anyways pictures here.  

   DPP_9584  DPP_9595 DPP_9610 DPP_9615  DPP_9632  DPP_9634  DPP_9636  DPP_9640 DPP_9661    DPP_9667  DPP_9679  DPP_9695  DPP_9702  DPP_9709  DPP_9723  DPP_9724  DPP_9726   DPP_9725   DPP_9727 DPP_9734 DPP_9732  DPP_9737  DPP_9754  DPP_9756  DPP_9771  DPP_9774 DPP_9775  the lonesome white shroom. DPP_9784  DPP_9790  DPP_9793  DPP_9803  DPP_9813   

PS : Pictures of the water not being frozen is done on purpose as i wanted to show the scenery :)

Then everybody wanted to go to Pantai Hill which and exclusive hill and you can go to the private property with permission only.. Here are some boring pics of the view from the top, nothing much to shout about but it was very windy though :D and there was a adorable dog that kept following everybody wan wagging his tail. When we left he was so down and sad :(


to be continued tomorrow. stay tuned.

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  1. i see you've accomplished taking waterfall
    nice pictures btw