Monday, October 5, 2009

sunday morning..

on the 27 of September…

what a morning it was, slept till 11 and was awaken by a phone call =.= and its not my phone call , it was for my mom.. continue to sleep then dad told me that we are going to One Utama to get my sister a microwave for her new home :D and i remembered that i was suppose to go out with brendon to catch up.. and congratulations to Brendon Khoo for gettin his first DSLR ! haha we go shoot shoot soon aite ? xD

anyways went to Kluang Station to have lunch. Roti Bakar , Nasi lemak w/ Lamb curry , Asam Laksa , Mee Rebus :D yummyy.. here are the pictures..DPP_8167 DPP_8170  DPP_8171  DPP_8172  DPP_8173  DPP_8175  DPP_8176  

went walking around with my dad while my mom went to Jusco to get her cosmetics.. Met up with brendon then decided where to eat.. so he choosed Waffle World.. and once again here are the pictures.. DPP_8182 his camera and my flash :) canon 350D and 430ex flashgunDPP_8183   DPP_8185 oh rly? o.O DPP_8186  DPP_8188 DPP_8194me enjoying using a battery grip :( i want one !!DPP_8200  DPP_8199  DPP_8203  DPP_8205  DPP_8211  DPP_8215 thanks for the thumbdrive, thanks to cher haow and brendon :D

it’s been a long time since me and this clown went and play our favorite game at the arcade.. so went there and played a “few” games.. there were this group of boys and girls trying to play the really hard song and they went and tap the motion sensors instead of moving their hands across =.= haha i shall stop sounding like a bitch.. bugger got 339 combo and i only got 239 O.O DPP_8222  DPP_8224

then i got a call from my dad saying he would pick me up soon, so couldn’t go and play pool and catch up some more.. so brendon being brendon wanted to go see the mooncake exhibition thing.. took some pictures then walked him out of One Utama to where he took his bus home and i went to the taxi stand to wait for my dad.. went to Courts Mammoth awhile to find the microwave ended couldnt even find anything as they already had their “HUGE” sale.. nearly the whole place was empty o.o

went to my sister’s new apartment.. me and my dad and my brother installed the blinds for the room and the best part is the blinds wasnt long enough to cover the whole window =.= but well at least it covers something.. then went for dinner at Shabu Shabu restaurant in OUG if im not mistaken.. food was great..

thats all for tonight ! :)

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