Friday, October 2, 2009


Today was a very sad day for everybody in SMK Damansara Utama, a very caring and compassionate teacher has left the school, to be on duty in SMK Sri Utama.. that teacher is Pn Chan Ai Hoon. She is one of those teacher who are hard on the outside and soft on the inside. She would actually scold you like crazy if you have done something wrong but she would start to calm down and reason with you. I experienced it, since i was a very naughty boy last time =.= I would at least visit her office every once in awhile cause of my behavior or the problems i have caused.. She actually cares of the student of our school, unlike the headmistress, Pn Norsham.. Now the headmistress is the totally opposite of her she doesn’t care about the students , she might seem like it but actually she is out to make the school more famous by gettin the students to do whatever she desire. Everyword that comes out of her mouth has something to do with “ cermelang, sekolah kluster, or pelajar sasiah” dammit just give it a rest already.. okay enough of my ranting the conclusion of what i just said is : Pn Norsham is a bitch , and Pn Chan is a great teacher.

DPP_8388  DPP_8386  DPP_8392 afiq measuring sherwin’s long tongue.. lolDPP_8394  DPP_8417 DPP_8395 the orchestra. DPP_8396 dinesh.DPP_8397 the teachers.DPP_8398 the asrama people.DPP_8399banyakkan tindakan , kurangkan alasan ! =.= randomDPP_8400 DPP_8462 the “jai ho” group practicing.DPP_8401 izet.naim.brendon.DPP_8405  DPP_8408  DPP_8410 Pn Zulaikha, Pn Chan , Pn Norsham. the thing Pn Ooi is holding is a tissue box for Pn Chan lol..DPP_8413 DPP_8415 DPP_8418 each and every pic i took Chang Vai has to move =.=  Wee Giap, Brendon , Chang Vai.DPP_8420 the new head prefect. DPP_8421 Wee Giap.DPP_8422 outdoor backstage =.=DPP_8423 take one.DPP_8424 take two.DPP_8425 “let me in” DPP_8426 chang vai insisting i take pictures of him lol..DPP_8428 the two clowns that wanted me to take pictures of them hehe , will send it to you later :DDPP_8430 violin.

School started as usual with the normal things, everybody was told to go into the hall as the farewell will be held in the all the perfects lined up in a line to greet Pn Chan as she proceed to the hall. pictures below.  :)  

The event was started with Norsham giving a speech to everybody lecturing us and all, can’t you just keep it for once and just make your speeches short? then it was Pn Chan’s speech. Anyways after that was our school’s very own Orchestra.   

P1110743 notice the sad face ?  _MG_5438 DPP_8435 credits to John.DPP_8440 the orchestra doing their thing.DPP_8445

Then it was V-Ki’s turn to show off her yoyo skills, chinese yoyo to be exact, really awesome.. didn’t get any nice pictures will be taking from brendon’s camera. one of the form 4 classes sang “ Sha la la “ by Vengaboys. And all the prefects sang “  Angels brought me here  “ by  guy sebastian.. DPP_8446 _MG_5463 DPP_8450 DPP_8459   DPP_8454  DPP_8455  DPP_8456

The scouts performed the “ Sorry Sorry “ dance by Super Junior.. quite good i must say :) Two prefects sang “ Hero ” by Mariah Carey.. The girl was amazing ! but the guy was just average. the girls just love this guy i think , mar yi yuen ? if thats how you spell it.. but his sang very well  1 english song 1 chinese song.   

DPP_8467  DPP_8472 DPP_8475  DPP_8473   DPP_8478  DPP_8482  DPP_8489  DPP_8490  DPP_8491

The most famous dance group in SMKDU ! they performed “Jai Ho” and “You are not alone” 


DPP_8497  DPP_8500  DPP_8501  DPP_8504  DPP_8509      DPP_8512   DPP_8518  DPP_8521




DPP_8548  DPP_8556

DPP_8567  Pn Chan and Pn NgDPP_8569 the “jai ho” group and Pn Chan.DPP_8575


now for the outside shots !

DPP_8590  DPP_8591


DPP_8593 her gifts.DPP_8594


DPP_8598  DPP_8601  DPP_8604  DPP_8608

DPP_8609 the driver.DPP_8613


DPP_8615 DPP_8618 DPP_8620     DPP_8621


DPP_8629 john yip.DPP_8639 aaron and chen.DPP_8641 finn.  DPP_8642  DPP_8643


DPP_8646  DPP_8645

DPP_8649  DPP_8650  DPP_8654  DPP_8655  DPP_8669  DPP_8675 me and matt, my videographer for today. acting stupid as usual xDDPP_8680


this has officially taken me more than 3 hours =.= to edit and to post ! damn =.=

thank you to everybody who used my camera and contributed in this post :) to those who see yourself in this picture just add me on msn to get the original from me.

thats all for now ! Thunderbirds tomorrow ! hell yeah !



videos will be coming something next week. stay tuned !

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