Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dazzle @ Genting.

In the morning went to Kiara Park with Pei Ji and Yee Weng, Pei ji has a Nikon D80 and he wanted to go out and take pictures so he called me. Ended up takin picture of the vainpot Yee Weng =.= Went to Devi’s Corner to have breakfast. Thanks Yee Weng for paying :)

DPP_10236  DPP_10237    DPP_10238  DPP_10249 DPP_10239  DPP_10243 DPP_10253  DPP_10255  DPP_10256  DPP_10259      DPP_10260  DPP_10268  DPP_10271  DPP_10273  DPP_10277  DPP_10281  DPP_10284  DPP_10287  DPP_10295  DPP_10297  DPP_10299  DPP_10298  DPP_10301

Went to Genting with my family to catch the newest magic show called “Dazzle”. For a change we had dinner at Coffee Terrace in Genting Hotel.. missed that place has been so long since i ate there and the food has improved ! : ) Before going for dinner went strolling around with my dad and spotted a Lamborghini LP 560-4 ! a Volkswagen Scirocco ! A modified 350z ! Oh and i saw a bunch of firemen doing a fire drill, i think the seniors are training the juniors.. DPP_10302 DPP_10303 DPP_10305   DPP_10307

DPP_10308  DPP_10311  DPP_10316  The 350z.DPP_10321 DPP_10323  DPP_10324   DPP_10320  DPP_10328 The Volkswagen Scirocco.DPP_10332  DPP_10331 damn ganas right? DPP_10333  DPP_10334

DPP_10335  DPP_10337


DPP_10343 DPP_10344    The Lamborghini LP560-4.DPP_10351

DPP_10352 DPP_10360  DPP_10363 DPP_10367 DPP_10371  DPP_10372  DPP_10376  DPP_10377   DPP_10369  DPP_10378  DPP_10391 DPP_10393   DPP_10396  DPP_10401   DPP_10364  DPP_10357 DPP_10386     DPP_10387

To the Coffee Terrace !DPP_10404

DPP_10407    DPP_10410  DPP_10409  DPP_10414

DPP_10415  DPP_10419


   DPP_10420  DPP_10421  DPP_10412  DPP_10413  DPP_10416  DPP_10417

DPP_10418  DPP_10425 DPP_10456     DPP_10426 DPP_10431 rambutan xD

After having dinner went walking around outside and then just chilled at Starbucks and i went and surf the web and check my mail..DPP_10437


The magic show was just so so dont waste your time going up Genting just to watch it !

Thats all for now bye people !


  1. Hey, nice photo blog you have here! :D I like the photos that you've taken, though the amount of photos can be overwhelming, lol. Maybe choose the best 10 and post next time? ;)

    Great job!

  2. Thanks a lot bro :D appreciate the visit :) do drop by again will be updating really soon. Yeah i think i will reduce the amount of pictures.

  3. no prob! i love seeing nice pictures anyway, always inspires me ^^

  4. Wow! Awesome! I spot a lot of cool cars. x]