Thursday, October 1, 2009

a stroll in the park.

school was a drag today ! had nothing to do, really regret going =.= brought my phone and psp to entertain myself =_= after school went to One Utama to meet up with Brendon for lunch, and teach him how to use his DSLR.. we went into Wong Kok it was his first time going there.. in the end he wanted something more suitable so we went to the big M ! McDonald’s ! Then we went to One World Hotel to collect the dress i bought for Jia Linq..

went to rock corner to find Joee’s album that she wanted.. Del Mundo or something like that but can’t seem to find it, then went to B1 to bank in money and then to the pos office.. they should really increase the amount of staff.. made me wait 15 mins just to get a Pos Express envelope =.= called my dad and he picked us up at new wing taxi stand and went to Uptown awhile and went home.

brendon wanted to try my new graphic card out , so he played COD4 and Crysis Warhead.. well the results were good but no complaints for such an old card but it copes with most new games so im pretty satisfied :D 

then we banged our heads deciding where to go to take some photos, ended up going to Kiara Park. here are the pictures on the way there and at Kiara Park. :) enjoy !  

DPP_8312 DPP_8314 one of my neighbour’s awesome 3series coupe.DPP_8318  DPP_8317  DPP_8319 idiots that graffiti people’s home.. so stupid..DPP_8320  DPP_8321

DPP_8322 brendon playin with my tammie 11-18..DPP_8323

DPP_8326  the brain in the sky.. cool not? :D (brendon’s idea) DPP_8328  DPP_8330 helping this fella advertise ! LOLDPP_8331  DPP_8333 “what ya looking at?!”DPP_8335  DPP_8338  DPP_8337 failed panning ! EPIC fail =_=

DPP_8339  DPP_8341  DPP_8346 DPP_8347  DPP_8348  DPP_8349  DPP_8352 Subaru WRX Sti :D was revvin at the traffic light then i quickly took pictures of it as it went by :DDPP_8354 a very very old van parked and rusting away..DPP_8356 tortoise in the pond :DDPP_8357 DPP_8359    DPP_8358 DPP_8360  DPP_8364  DPP_8366 DPP_8370  DPP_8376   DPP_8372 not the cleanest of waterfalls, but heck it looks good i guess? DPP_8368  DPP_8379  DPP_8381  DPP_8382

thanks for viewing :) hope you enjoyed this post. do visit back tomorrow :)


  1. he's the only good friend i have that has a DSLR -.- so what to do? hehe