Monday, October 19, 2009

the view from on top..

been such a long long week, spent my weekend over at my sister’s place.. oh finally i have a new lens for my camera :D meet my Canon 50mm f/1.8 MKII.

DPP_10508  DPP_10511 DPP_10504                a test shot from the beautiful lens. : )
On saturday drop by Ioi Mall to exchange sizes for a cute lil shoe the two of them bought :)

  DPP_10521   DPP_10514

lol my brother messing around =.= DPP_10523CAR ORDER EATER? =.= ODOR la fail la..DPP_10524 does it look like a full moon? lol my brother took it.. looks like DCM’s Theme this month is “TREEs” maybe should submit this lol

Walked around before we left we had a refreshing snack/drink at Koong Woh Tong..



DPP_10527  DPP_10530

DPP_10536 my brother’s ride :) we went to have Ba Kut Teh near Tesco Puchong :)DPP_10540 DPP_10543  DPP_10546   DPP_10538 taste damn good ! and its fresh and crispy !! yummyyy

if anybody is interested its the corner Ba Kut Teh store right behind Tesco Puchong :)

on Sunday went with them and Tim Tam for Tim Tam’s training..DPP_10560


DPP_10563Tim Tam’s paw and my brother’s arm.DPP_10568  DPP_10570 the trainer’s dog, Chi Chi DPP_10572 one of the “student” Pepper is her name lolDPP_10574 DPP_10575 DPP_10580 DPP_10582 DPP_10584 another one of the trainer’s dog BravoDPP_10579  DPP_10583


DPP_10602  DPP_10610 some guy’s Huski :D so nice!DPP_10614





DPP_10634  DPP_10633


Bravo is super photogenic for some reason.. lolDPP_10654 The last picture of TIm Tam cute eh?

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