Friday, October 2, 2009


Yay I'm finally seventeen :D spent my morning in Physics tuition.. what a drag !! =.= 9.00 am some more.. argh.. dad picked me up and went to my grandmother’s house to visit her.. was quite surprised that my aunt and grandmother remembered when was my birthday o.O they gave me ang pau, when i got home i got ang pau from my mom and my brother and sister bought me a Quiksilver Shirt.. thanks guys ! :D really like it..

got ready to go to curve with baby :) went straight to the cinema to collect our tickets for Gforce . went and walk around. decided to go to Secret Recipe and have cake and just chill.. then went for our movie :) and went for dinner at Marche. PS:- DO NOT GO TO THAT PLACE the food is hopeless, compared to the first time they opened it has drop tremendously.. anyways here are the pictures :)

DPP_8041 DPP_8043 DPP_8044   apple crumble. :) yummyy..DPP_8046 marble cheese cake, my fav ! :DDPP_8047  DPP_8049  DPP_8063  DPP_8078  DPP_8075  DPP_8074   DPP_8079   DPP_8082  DPP_8084 DPP_8089   DPP_8088  DPP_8090 DPP_8093

thanks everybody that wished me, and making my birthday a great one :) and thanks a lot dear for the present :) love you. :)


my computer before putting a graphic card. so neat compared to now..

here are pictures from the dinner i had with my family the night before my birthday. went to Sushi Zanmai at One Utama.

Ipoh403  Ipoh405  Ipoh406  Ipoh400  Ipoh402

there were a lot more food but was too stuffy so didn’t bother taking all of them :)

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