Monday, October 5, 2009

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Event Objective:

To provide an extraordinary Hills Climb Time Challenge event for all supercar and performance car owners in a COMPETITIVE and yet SAFE, time handicap challenge environment. There will also be a Forest-One TIME ATTACK competition and the biggest GATHERING of Supercar/Performance cars owners for 2009.
Event Venue:
Private road owned by Berjaya Bukit Tinggi Hill Resort will be closed for the event. Length of the road is approximately 10 km.
Hills Climb/Time Attack Event:
• Maximum entries 100 cars.
• Drivers are required to drive skillfully and safely along the course with their Time Challenge handicap chosen.

• Friday, 9th October 2009. Car scrutineering (9am-12 noon).
• Friday afternoon free practice run and reccy drive by car owners.
• 1.30pm-3.30pm Downhill free practice
• 3.30pm -5.30pm Uphill free practice
• 6.00pm - 8.00pm Time Challenge Handicap registration.
• Saturday 10th October Hill Climb Time Challenge event. i.e. Downhill Drive (8.30am-12.00 noon) and Uphill Climb (14.00pm to
• Saturday (12.00noon-13.00pm) Modern Classic Performance Car Hill Climb Time Trial. Strictly by invitation only (15 cars). Cars must be 25 years old or above.
• Saturday (in between climb/drive) – Forest-One Time Attack competition for participants while waiting for their time slot.
• Prize giving dinner with entertainment on Saturday night at the Resort Hotel
• Sunday 11th October 11.00am Supercar convoy drive to Royal Selangor Pewter at Setapak. All RS pewter sales with 10% discount and brunch served.
• Track time at Sepang F1 Track on 11th Oct Sunday 2.30pm-5.30pm @RM300 per car.

Time Challenge Format:
• There will be 3 speed categories each will have a pre-determined timing for average speed chosen. E.g. Assuming length of drive is 10km
- Category A (average speed 60-80 kph)- Time Handicap range is 7.5 min to 10 min
- Category B (average speed 81-100kph)- Time Handicap range is 6 min to 7.4 min
- Category C (average speed 101-120kph)-Time Handicap range is 5 min to 5.9 min
• Each driver will pick their own speed category and the pre-determined timing for each run. Criteria are on driver’s discretion and should be based on their car performance, driver’s capability, road condition and safety considerations. As it is like a golf handicap system driver is to race against their own time handicap and NOT against others. Achievement is by % of their targeted time. Driver with the closest timing (ie. 100%) to their time handicap chosen will be winner for the respective category.
• Time Category chosen will be confidential and grouping will assigned randomly to avoid unnecessary ‘ego’ competition among participants.
• Stamped starting time sheet will be issued to driver at starting line and another stamped ending time sheet will be handed over upon crossing the finishing line. Both time sheets will be surrendered to organizer to compute for challenge result. Judges decision will be final and no protest will be entertained.
• For safety reason there will be a 30kph speed zone for 100 meters before the car reaching the finishing line. Any speeding violation will have a penalty of 5% added/deducted on their final Time Challenge achievement.
• There will be 3 winners in each category for downhill run and 3 winners in each category for hill climb run. Also there will be 5 winners for combined timing on downhill/hill climb run.
• Separate car categories winners such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Porsche, Aston Martin etc will be awarded by respective brand Franchisee or Car Owners’ club.
Forest-One Time Attack Format:
• Color coded cones will be placed in an enclosed cemented floor car park marking as chicane and obstacles representing trail to a forest.
• Each competitor will have to drive through the trail course going round the chicane and obstacles as fast as they can without hitting any cones or barrier and always with 4 wheels on the ground. There will be 3 run per competitor.
• Time penalty will be imposed for hitting cones or barriers or dangerous driving (eg. Driving with 2 wheels up !)
• There will be 3 winners for each category and a Top-Gun Shootout by categories winners for Overall top 3 placing.
Entry Qualifications:
• All drivers must be age 18 and above with a valid driving license (no P license)
• Any sports or performance car equipped with proper safety features like safety belts, lights, wiper and good road running tyres with at least 70% wear treads remain.
• One co-driver is allowed for Time Challenge event
• Helmets are compulsory.
• All participating cars are required to display sponsors stickers provided by organizer.
• Organizer has the right to reject any car or driver entry.
• Modern Classic Performance Cars entries are by invitation only and are limited to a maximum of 15 cars of age not less than 25 years old.

Event Organiser:
• JP Performance Motorsport Sdn Bhd. A race event organisation affiliated with Motorsports Association Of Malaysia (MAM)
• Entry fees for Hills Climb Time Challenge/Time Attack will be @RM500 per car. Entries limited to maximum 100 supercars.
• Supercar Gathering without participating Time Challenge will be RM300 per car. Car owners are free to use hill climb course on Friday but will NOT participate in Time Challenge on Saturday.
• Each entry will entitle to 1x pax Gala Dinner on Saturday. Additional pax will be charged at RM150 per pax.
• Optional : 2 nights of Hotel accommodation at Berjaya Hill Resort (Colmar Tropicale) with 2 x breakfast/room @RM500 Nett. Limited rooms (50 reserved) available and will be on 1st come basis.
• Optional : Sepang F1 Track Time 2.30-5.30pm @ RM300 per car
• Other sponsors goodies to be announced on later date.
• Modern Classic Performance Cars entries are free of charge and participation is by invitation only.

Lucky Draw Prizes:
• All participants (limited to 100 entries) will receive an event participation plaque by Royal Selangor Pewter for this inaugural Hills Climb Time Challenge.
• CVSTOS Watch (Worth RM45,000) contributed by Sincere Watch Singapore.
• 2 x Jacuzzi set worth RM20,000 by BINA WAREHOUSE
• 3 x 2days/1night stay at Berjaya Hotel Resorts
• 2 x 32 inch LCD TV by FOREST-ONE
• 15x RM200 Cash Vouchers for Dinning at any Noble House Group of Restaurants.
• 5 x Hampers from Body Shop and free entrance tickets to Aquaria @ KLCC
• 10x Sparkling Pewter Jelly Mould by British Designer Nick Munro and free Jelly making workshop at Royal Selangor.
• 15x RM200 Cash Dinning Vouchers from MODESTO
• Prizes from Meguiar’s on complimentary car detailing
• Many more to come.......
JPM Motorsport Hills Climb Time Challenge 09 Winners Trophies/Plaques (total 42 prizes):
Uphill Challenge
Category A 3 winners
Category B 3 winners
Category C 3 winners
Downhill Challenge
Category A 3 winners
Category B 3 winners
Category C 3 winners
Combine Uphill/Down Challenge
Category A 3 winners
Category B 3 winners
Category C 3 winners
Forest One Time Attack
Category A 3 winners
Category B 3 winners
Category C 3 winners
Top Gun Shootout 3 winners
Classic Performance Car Challenge
Overall 3 winners
Total 14xWinner : RS plaque + Meguiars’ Ext Detailing + Meguiars’ Voucher RM200
Total 14x1st RU : RS plaque + 50% off Meguiars’ Ext Detailing + Voucher RM200
Total 14x2nd RU : RS Plaque + Meguiars’ Voucher RM250
Challenge Trophies/Plaques Contributed by Car Clubs or Franchise
Lotus Cars Challenge ( total 12 prizes) by Lotus Cars M’sia
Porsche Cars Challenge (total 12 prizes) by AutoEuroKar
Lamborghini Cars Challenge (total 12 prizes) by Lamborghini Spore/KL
Uphill challenge 3 winners
Down Hill challenge 3 winners
Combine Up & Down 3 winners
Forest OneTime Attack 3 winners
* All Schedules and formats are subject to changes without prior notice.

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