Tuesday, October 6, 2009

replacing thermal paste.

Hey everybody :) i was bored in the middle of the night so i decided to remove my graphic card to replace the thermal paste to the Tuniq TX-3 that i have purchased. Here are some photos :) The card being stripped is a Gainward 3850.

DPP_10229  DPP_10230  DPP_10233

DPP_10234  DPP_10235  DPP_10210  DPP_10211  DPP_10214  DPP_10215   DPP_10217  DPP_10218done now to install a fan on the bracket :DDPP_10220 80mm AC Ryan UV Fan installed.

there has been an new addition to my Gear. say hello to
 DPP_10206 DPP_10228  BG-E2NP1110816   P1110818  P1110813  P1110825 P1110834  I some how feel that DSLRs are made for one sole purpose to be actually tweaked by the user, if not there is no point getting one. Don’t you agree? Photography is all part of trial and error right? Hehe. Sometimes we would use other modes but its just a waste of money if we use Auto, or Presets mode, removes the fun of having a DSLR doesn’t it?

here are a few teasers of the upcoming post.

I Owe this blog pictures of 


DPP_9131 DPP_9125

Air Supply @ Genting.  P1110789


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