Saturday, October 10, 2009

Canon Photomarathon 2009 @ Sunway Lagoon.

What a hectic day it was at Sunway Lagoon as hundreds of people made their way into Sunway Lagoon via the Elephant Walk entrance. This is the second time Canon has organized a competition for so many people. Entrance was free for all Canon users :) Went in and collected my freebies which are a Canon Tee and a Canon Cap :)

DPP_10459  _MG_0004

DPP_10460  DPP_10461

_MG_0014  _MG_0024

_MG_0025 _MG_0026 _MG_0027      _MG_0029





The 3 themes of the competition as below. :D_MG_0062 SPLASH !_MG_0063 RED_MG_0064 SHOOTING IN PROGRESS_MG_0070 The RED army moving out ! _MG_0074

_MG_0083  Joee _MG_0085





_MG_0107  IMG_2229


IMG_0121  IMG_0124

_MG_0126  _MG_0131




_MG_0204  _MG_0209

_MG_0252  _MG_0255 zoomed too much =.= Photomarathon @ Sunway Lagoon


_MG_0266  Joee’s soon to be new Facebook DP..lol_MG_0272Charlie’s Angels lol brendon is on of them :D LOL_MG_0273  _MG_0278

_MG_0285  _MG_0287

  _MG_0288  _MG_0289  _MG_0290

_MG_0299 _MG_0304  _MG_0305“my my honey what a nice nipple you have there”_MG_0308   _MG_0310

_MG_0314 _MG_0316





_MG_0346  _MG_0348







 _MG_0437  _MG_0438








_MG_6907  _MG_6909




_MG_6967  _MG_6974


_MG_6992  _MG_7006  _MG_7012 a kid with a really cool tattoo !

_MG_7034 two people riding the G-Force._MG_7033 an ang mo that yih ling wanted me to take to show debra =.= very hot meh =.=_MG_7039






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