Friday, August 21, 2009

district 9 @ 9pm

wow two days of trials.. and i actually survived ! thank god i could answer most of the questions. :D it wasn’t as tough as i thought it was.. BM2 was okay, English2 was great ( found out what was coming out for novel ) Maths 1 was not hard for some reason :) went to One Utama with my mom after school she wanted to buy toiletries :) so i went to Nokia to check out some phones :) need to change my phone having some issues with it better change it when there’s value :) E75 !


Got home from chemistry tuition with chi : ) was suppose to go jogging today but was really lazy and had to get ready to go out with my sister and brother to watch district 9 .. went to tropicana city mall..

P1110565 yummy snacks ~ my mashed potato ~ whee.. P1110568  P1110569 g-force.. damn cute !! i wanna watch LOLP1110570 a bobble-head stormtrooper

thats all for tonight :) thanks for tonight bro and sis :)

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