Tuesday, August 11, 2009

SIC Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race. (set 2)

Here are some pictures :)

_MG_8324 the sun starting to set :)_MG_7861 sri lankan team :)_MG_7868 team no. 45_MG_7874 malaysia’s project twenty racing against  team cartrade-abt._MG_7883 fugazi racing ! _MG_7890 aston martin DB9 again._MG_7895 BMW Z4 speeding by :D its super fast !_MG_7898 team no. 4. _MG_7921 aston martin DB9 vs. honda civic.. o.O_MG_7928 flooring the accelerator on the way out of the pit._MG_7926

_MG_7934 team no. 5 _MG_7938 mitsubishi lancer evolution 6.5 tommi makinen edition.. damn nice team no. , no. 66_MG_7944 another porsche 997._MG_7963 a crowd favorite !_MG_8034 behind the fence. J’s Racing’s S2000 ! _MG_8064 LKM”s 997 !_MG_8071 Garage R’s Honda Integra DC5._MG_8076 Aston Martin trailing behind the Integra as it enters the last corner of this final straight._MG_8081

_MG_8093my favorite _MG_8107


Integra vs Integra ! thats all for now people ! :)

if you enjoyed it please some comments ! :D


  1. waaa hebat2 like the pictures much more then the words'ahha.

  2. good shots ! waiting for J's racing pics :)

  3. thanks :D lol i guess i should talk less and put more pictures ! Wes hang in there ! soon xD

  4. Great pics, Eric. Keep it up. :D