Saturday, August 22, 2009


today was felt really good.. went to baby’s house in the morning to help her transfer her stuff into the 4GB memory card i gave her for her phone.. and she gave me her 1GB :) had spaghetti cabonara for breakfast at her house.. her sister cooks good pasta ~ yummm

ran home in the rain was drenched.. showered and got ready to go to One Utama with my dad at 1.30pm.. walked around the whole place and there was this CS competition and lots more.. got my new camera bag Lowepro Fastpack 250.


Went and meet up with a buyer to buy my problematic phone. Sold it and was phoneless for like 45 mins =.= damn cham okay ! and then came my new phone :) Nokia E75.. my first Nokia.. damn its nice to use ! like seriously ! much better than sony ericsson hands down.. functionality and stability is just great.. mine is the black and silver version sadly very few red sets in malaysia :(


went and watch Dance Flick with baby, what the hell kind of movie is this =.= i thought it would be a proper dance movie like You got served instead they made fun of a few movies and make it a movie.. nearly the same as Scary Movie.. if you want a good laugh go ahead if you want a real dance movie dont watch it. went walking around went into sasa.. damn alot of make up stuff and perfumes.. lol baby wanted to spray the perfume on those paper thingy and it flew to me instead and i smell like a girl.. lol walked around to kill time before going for dinner at BBQ plaza.. saw Mei Yin’s Gang of people while we were in there.. sorry very lazy wanna name the people i saw, anyways here are some pictures.

DPP_7516  guess whats this ! DPP_7519  DPP_7517  DPP_7523  DPP_7526


DPP_7528  DPP_7533 my chinese tea and the veggie :) somebody had to keep threatening to eat if not she give me veggie *ahemahem* lol DPP_7535  DPP_7534 my yummy garlic fried rice :DDPP_7538 DPP_7539  DPP_7537 DPP_7542 DPP_7547     our legs ~ heehee : )DPP_7545   DPP_7554heehee my girlfriend can take good pictures :D DPP_7553



sent her necklace to perlini’s to repair the buckle broke.. and they washed it and its like super shiny O.O then walked some more and waited for her dad to come pick us up :) thats all i guess :) the end. thanks alot dear : ) love you S2.P1110588  P1110583

*pictures taken by Canon 40D & Panasonic Lumix LS80*

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