Saturday, August 29, 2009

SIC Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race. ( set 3 )

_MG_8143  _MG_8124

_MG_8130 a random shot of a porsche going by._MG_8134




_MG_8182 a lotus that was eliminated i guess :)_MG_8184



 _MG_8204  _MG_8205



_MG_8212  _MG_8219  _MG_8224  _MG_8238  _MG_8242  _MG_8247






_MG_8305 stupid guy standing there and that umbrella sigh, or else it would be a good shot. :(_MG_8308



_MG_8345  _MG_8382  _MG_8350






The last picture for tonight. Hope you enjoyed viewing the pictures, sorry for some shots havin the fence/people in the way. :) More to come soon ! A teaser for the night shots here :)


Look at the red hot brakes ! :D

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