Wednesday, August 12, 2009

why is august so hectic?

today woke up around 10 , plurked awhile then took my shower and did the usual :) had my lunch then went online and stone at nice camera bags and stuff.. didnt go to school today cos im a lil sick.. :( dont feel like going tomorrow either sigh.. then eshton called to go out yumcha since its his birthday :) pictures pictures !

sapawi came to my house at 3 to play DOTA as his computer isn’t working...

 DPP_7307 with a cap.DPP_7306 the dota face.. lolDPP_7317 100plus ! : D DPP_7315 finally i got this months copy.. just the right topic for the month “ Macro “ time to get poison into gettin a macro lens.. :DDPP_7326 his hand o.o DPP_7325 got so bored started taking pictures of my fan.. lol

finally he was done with his round and we left for makbul..then we decided to get him a cake so we went to secret recipe instead.. its pretty amazing how fast time flies when you walk with someone rather than walking alone =.= ooh and birthday boy, Eshton got a a cast because he was trying to be hero during a tae kwon doe tournament.. this is what you get lol.. anyways here are the pictures of the happy fella !


DPP_7330 him being happy with his tiramisu cake :)DPP_7328 yes yes he was pissed that i kept taking pictures of him lol.. DPP_7332 “i think my cast is starting to stink”



DPP_7467 sorry we too broke cant buy you a whole cake : D hope this was good enough lol :DDPP_7465

DPP_7464 birthday boy trying his luck with the dealer Sapawi :)DPP_7334

DPP_7335 good huh ? :D lolDPP_7336 his cast :D lol im sure you can see the word balls.. go figure what your friends could write with the word “ur balls”DPP_7345



DPP_7341 cappuccino DPP_7344 ice lemon tea DPP_7350 yes yes banyak besar la your muscle.. lolDPP_7348 used to it huh Sap? :D lolDPP_7351 this is the most hilarious picture today LOL..DPP_7352 amazement from a lighter?DPP_7374







DPP_7364 this is how a person with a cast plays cards.. lolDPP_7368

DPP_7369 blackjack with attitude.. lolDPP_7370



DPP_7376them tryin to look like rempitz.. hahaDPP_7378 DPP_7379the road back home :)DPP_7380

DPP_7387  the hobo ! aka sapawi :DDPP_7382


DPP_7392 eshton showing of his ( dunno the name ) kick.. lol do leave a comment esh then i can put a name on it :D DPP_7400DPP_7401DPP_7402DPP_7404DPP_7403    an awesome orange Veilside Kiitted 350z. DPP_7406

DPP_7405 an estima driving by xD it was a random shot..

DPP_7410the monsoon drain + a monitor lizard.. it was huge didnt have my zoom lens so couldnt take it :(DPP_7411  no that way ! nonono that way !! argh you fools ! lol

* under construction* will have more pictures tomorrow !

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