Tuesday, August 4, 2009

visionary canary.

on tuesday my family and i went for dinner at Pasta Zanmai in Mid Valley for my brother in law’s birthday :D here are some pictures sorry too many dishes so i wont be naming all of them.. Happy Birthday Bro !

DPP_6980DPP_6914DPP_6919DPP_6921DPP_6917 DPP_6918 choya is nice ! : D first time tryin itDPP_6922 DPP_6923DPP_6924 DPP_6925 DPP_6926 DPP_6927 DPP_6928 DPP_6929 DPP_6930DPP_6932DPP_6931DPP_6936DPP_6939DPP_6942DPP_6944DPP_6953    cake from Q Jelly :)DPP_6957DPP_6938  DPP_6958 DPP_6973DPP_6913 DPP_6909DPP_6978  haha a pic of my brother in law ,my sister ,and me :) notice how short my sister is ? :D haha !   

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  1. bloody hell... i was stooping low... not short!!! hmph but i love the pic... keep it up... :)