Monday, August 10, 2009

one of those days.


went to Summit with my dad , sister , brother-in-law, brother-in-law’s sister,and their god sister if im not mistaken.. yes many people.. went there to see some dogs that were up for adoptions.. pity all the dogs.. wish i would adopt them and give them a new home :)

when walking around and went into Point B. Never been there before o.O got quite a lot of stuff in there.. and head over the black canyon to have tea.took some random shots xD here they are

DPP_7266                                                 my brother playin with my phone :)DPP_7270  my sister and brother-in-law’s sister. :) cute umbrellas huh? :D DPP_7269                                                 so nice the light xD

DPP_7273my brother showing me his fist =_= DPP_7277  spot the obvious error here.. lolDPP_7280

DPP_7282 iced tea – orange juice – iced cappuccino DPP_7283 the foam on my iced cappuccino. :D

DPP_7285 DPP_7286dark chocolate :D yummy~..DPP_7289 the happily married couple reading a Panasonic brochure plannin what camera to get me for my birthday xD LOL *hinthint* notice the blue halo on my sister’s head? cool eh.. its the ceiling light.. DPP_7287 another bee deck to my collection :D thanks bro !DPP_7290

DPP_7292  yummy chicken wings :D DPP_7294 

went to Mydin with my Aunt and Grandma and my dad :) bought groceries then left for asia cafe. here was what we had for dinner :D


2 fried kueh teows, 1 fish ball me, 1 spaghetti cabonara, 1 oh chien , 6 takos = a hearty meal :)

today Monday.

a normal monday as usual.. nothing much interesting happen.. was chit chatting with the guys about the cars i saw at Sepang. JOHN LEE WAI LEONG this is for you

Mugen Kit Civic is much beter than Aerokit ! =.= lol..

Surprise i like the drawing thingy in Modern Maths and Add Maths.. xD forgot the chapters but its quite fun..

Came home did some stuff and then went for tuition :) Thank you for giving me mentos and a drink Yee Weng.. and you are welcome for the pictures :D this clown asked me to bring my camera to tuition so i would take pictures of him lol here are the took some pictures before tuition started.

** Disturbing pictures **

1.DPP_7247 2,DPP_72483.DPP_72494.DPP_7252 6.DPP_7250 7.DPP_7251 8.DPP_7263 9.DPP_7254   

credits to the model Tay Yee Weng – his Facebook Account.


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Picture of the Week.


Hope i did not offend any twilight fans. Credits to Calvin for sending it lol.

Thats all for tonight. :)


  1. why do i feel like i just did something really, really wrong?.. ._.

  2. smashp0p
    haha yeah girlfriend help me with it :D

    haha yes you did something really wrong by the way ugly pic deleted edi

  3. shh.. it never happened :)