Sunday, August 9, 2009

SIC Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race 2009. (set 1)


Yesterday was just an amazing race at Sepang International Circuit where the Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race was held. There were teams from all over the world participating one of my favorite were J’s Racing from Japan. With their Honda S2000 driven by 3 drivers = J.Umemoto / K.Tsuchiya / H.Kubota in Class A1. There were 3 classes – Class O , Class A1 , Class A2. With nearly 50 teams participating with each team consisting of 3 drivers which would take turns to endure the 12 hours race in the scorching heat from the sun in afternoon and pitch black darkness of the night .

Second time in SIC , and this time i get to wander around the Mall area. Really nice experience with the sound of the engines roaring at their rev limit and the misfiring when shifting down.. Sorry for making this post so detailed as I'm obsessed with cars :) The crowd was really poor, no not poor financially there was very few spectators would be much better if there were more people, come on the event was free why not just drive there and take a look ? Hehe :D The newspapers didn’t even have any advertisements about it pity this event..




_MG_7769 cropped.




Okay enough of that. Waited for my dad to come back from PWTC and we left around 4.20pm and reached Sepang around 5pm after getting a parking. And walked to the mall area and sat at the Turquoise zone facing the pit lane. took same pictures of the mall area and from where i was seating here they are. :)




Here are some shots of the cars on track when i was at the place above. :) enjoy !


Aston Martin DB9 .


The Honda Civic trailing behind the other Civic and Honda Integra DC5.


A real beast in the pit. No idea the model of the car nor the make of it :)


The beast speeding out of the pit lane !


Entering the second corner after turn 1.


A Civic entering the same exact corner as above !



A Integra in front of a Porsche 997 if im not mistaken exiting the pit lane.


Honda versus Honda. Integra versus S2000. The drift king is in the S2000.


A Mitsubishi Lancer and Porsche 997. No. 66 and No. 55.


The pit crew working on the Aston Martin DB9.

Well people this are all the pictures for now :) Hope you liked the pictures if you do , please leave a comment. Thanks ! Set 2 will be coming soon!


  1. JLee : Yeah, like the shots =D. Keep producing good shots as these.

  2. ehh, i like the third pic, the one with the sun
    not pain meh when you look at it

  3. Thanks JLee.. ;)

    no it doesn't hurt was wearing shades :D how do you feel about the other pictures?

  4. @no it doesn't hurt was wearing shades :D how do you feel about the other pictures?

    needs more girls!

  5. haha sorry man i went too late the girls are all before the race started :D