Wednesday, August 5, 2009

it arrived !

finally my new battery set and UV filter arrived ! reached my place in the morning and my house bell wasn’t working so the courier guy was calling me.. when i was sleepin during accounts.. called my dad he hasn’t on his phone this is what happens when somebody retires they dont bother turning on their called my house and told him the guy is outside :) got home around 1.45pm checked the parcel :) very happy that it arrived in one piece then i installed it to my 100-400 :) fits perfectly hehe ^^

here are pictures of it :D

P1110227-1 Ansmann Charger + 2850mah x4 , and 77mm Hoya Pro1 Digital UV :D

to the moon and back :D tomorrow will be much brighter and much more fuller :D

shots taken with MF ( manual focus )

DPP_7000 DPP_7005 DPP_7018thats it for tonight :)

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