Sunday, August 23, 2009


not gonna elaborate on my morning as it was a very boring one :D

had curry mee for lunch then went online talk to baby did the usual stuff.. pic editing , preparing blog post and stuff.. my sister’s dog tim tam was around because my bro and sis went for lunch so they ditch poor tim tam here..

DSLR JPEG3        him licking my leg =.= so ticklish lol..DPP_7599

DPP_7602   DPP_7601  DPP_7604

DPP_7607  DPP_7606

DPP_7618 DPP_7616

went for dinner at petaling street.. damn nice fried hokkien mee ! it rocks and one more mee~ had air mata kucing after that had apom then left petaling street.

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