Monday, August 17, 2009


the title is just a random that came to my head today :D it has nothing to do with what I'm about to blog about.. just your average school day.. very stoned.. slept for 30 minutes.. was just too tired.. need more sleep to get rid of these pimples.. can’t seem to sleep through these nights..

misery has fallen through the clouds,
and it has infected with a bug,
what bug you may ask ?
a bug that keeps me wide awake.

everything was gonna be alright,
but there was this ledge blocking the way ahead,
i jump ; you jump?

hopefully.. i hope i can concentrate on my trails which are coming this Thursday and Friday.. this is a very very random post so please ignore what i have just wrote.. seems like tonight i will be going to SS2 Pasar Malam for dinner : ) my sister drop by today to have a chat with me about some things that have been going on..

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Everyday but all I have is time
Our loves the perfect crime.


now some pictures to fill the empty space :) pictures from Eshton’s birthday last week.


DPP_7415 he wanted to do something cool =.= but this is what turned out from the coolness of Eshton lolDPP_7416  DPP_7422 round 1. round 2.. head shot ! lol Sapawi kicked him in the head muahaha. DPP_7423DPP_7424DPP_7425DPP_7426this is epic.. :D      DPP_7432right in his chest !DPP_7434  DPP_7435  DPP_7436

DPP_7438  DPP_7442 “hah ! blocked you nigga !”DPP_7443   his cool jump kick thing.. no kicking cos i took too early lol..DPP_7446 his “super duper” flying slap =.=DPP_7449 “SPREAD ME WIDE” sapawi i couldnt resist posting this LOL XD heehee ! DPP_7457 what are they doing ? they are doing IT in the middle of the road : ) i guess we know who’s the man in the relationship here ! hahaha..DPP_7462 “give me my bike!!!”DPP_7456 there goes my lens ! ouch ! =.= ignore the clown behing him.. hahaDPP_7461 a very underexposed picture of sapawi and eshton going home :) thats all for now will update later tonight.. gonna bring my camera to ss2 pasar malam to try something cool xD 


enjoy this sunset ! :)

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